Getting your mind off pain by keeping your mind on pain; recording your chronic pain for in perpetuity.


Keeping a chronic pain diary; it seems like a cryptic way to get your mind off pain, by writing about the pain, while in pain; but it helped. Being preoccupied toned the pain down. It was my attempt to survive chronic pain, to outlive it, to organize it, to put pain in its chronological appearances, record its intensities, its whereabouts.  This was my way to exert some control over it, understand it when there was no understanding known. Of course, at times, there was no sitting at the computer; chronic pain demanded my 100% attention.

My chronicle of pain paid off is when I went to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago / Chronic Pain Care Center. Before you’re accepted for treatment they require a written history of your pain; when, how intense, the specialists seen, record of Cat Scans, MRI’s, your state of mind … so on so on. As it was I  was not in the greatest shape to discuss my pain in a lucid chronological order; chronic pain doesn’t leave you with much mental acuity.  No problem, I handed them a print-out of my chronic pain history before they asked for it.



CatchMyPain is a website set up for you to keep a personal pain history. If it were available when I suffered chronic pain I would have fled to it. As it was I created my own catch my pain — you don’t have to. If you’re living with chronic pain CatchMyPain is there for you;  register, sign in and begin to make chronic pain history.

CatchMyPain enables you to visualize and track your pain. By using CatchMyPain you can make detailed color pain drawings, which allow you to express the location and the intensity of your pain; specify the time of occurrence of your pain; share your pain diary (electronically) with your doctor/therapist or print it out on paper; track your overall moods; describe the quality of your pain; track events or circumstances which increase or ease your pain; track your medication and observe its impact.

Eventually you will be able to track therapies and medications and their effects. You will benefit from the insights of their pain research and you will be able to exchange best practices with similar patients!

What they get out of it you get out of it — their goal; to gain new insights about chronic pain and to improve the treatment of chronic pain based on the anonymized data from all pain diaries. (Your pain history is anonymous, your identity is deleted from your pain entries and your email is never given out.) To achieve this goal, they analyze and compare the data from the pain diaries. The anonymized data is shared with pain experts and scientists. In a few months you will be able to look at anonymized diaries from other patients too, in order to gain helpful insights.

Chronic pain begot CatchMyPain. The idea for CatchMyPain emerged from the personal pain odyssey of the CEO and co-founder Daniel Lawniczak. The pain diary CatchMyPain is being developed and maintained by the Swiss start-up Sanovation.


The Invisible Wellspring of Chronic Pain. A search for an answer, a diagnosis, a treatment in a sea of medical indifference/ignorance when it comes to chronic pain.

“I’m taking my meds, taking my side effects, taking my Men’s Guards, taking my kettlebells, all 90 Lbs worth, taking them all to the grave with me. I’m pumped.”

Male Pelvic Pain: It’s Time to Treat Men Right.

When the touch of a feather feels like the flame from an acetylene torch. 
If you never had chronic pain you really don’t know what your missing.

Getting your mind off pain by keeping your mind on pain; recording your chronic pain
for in perpetuity.